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If you don't pay to advertise, you don't have a business.

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PPC advertising delivers instant traffic by placing you at the top positions on search engines.

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Paid Search Platforms

Most businesses benefit from a combination of PPC platforms. Depending on your product/service and goals, we can advise on the strategy that will best achieve your marketing aims.

Google's own advertising platform, critical in successfully promoting products and services across the web, through the Search, Shopping and Display networks.

Microsoft’s ever-growing search engine - also the default search engine for Yahoo. With millions of users a day, you shouldn't forget about this unique audience.

Place your products directly in Google's search results: attract customers who are ready to buy and send them directly to your product pages.

Laser target your advertising audience through social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.


Google's advertising platform isn't just for big business and corporations: anyone can use it. However, it is a complex system and requires expertise to set-up and monitor. It is very easy to waste money with Adwords: much harder to engineer a positive ROI for your ad spend.

That's why our service is focused on creating and managing your Google PPC ads in order to maximise your profits, without you having to worry about all the technical aspects involved in getting your ads just right (and managing them). We will optimise all your ads to ensure that you get only the best results possible.

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Google may account for 66% of all internet searches but what about the other 34%? The Microsoft and Yahoo search engines are still very much in play in the world of information and marketing, and have been proven to be preferred by a different demographic to Google, and have their own marketing audience idiosyncrasies.

Bing can frequently prove less costly and more effective than Google depending on the product or service being marketed. The platform also has arguably better customer targeting in some areas, too. You're missing a large segment of potential customers if you ignore this advertising audience.

Get your ad campaigns expertly deployed and monitored with our team of specialists and get your ads making, not losing, money. 



Put your products in front of people searching and looking to buy. That's why they're using a price comparison service: they're looking for the best deal. So it's no surprise that conversion rates on Google Shopping are strong.

Google Shopping is the proprietary comparison engine from Google. Unlike Google's organic index/search, listing on Google Shopping is only possible through specialised data feed submission and listing ads.

Utilising Google Shopping will drive additional traffic to your website resulting in more customers and increased sales to your e-commerce business.

Get your e-store linked in to this platform and start seeing the benefits in your sales reports.

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social media marketing


Do you want more likes on posts, more followers for your page, or do you want to sell your products and services in the news feeds of social media?

The social platforms are deceptively simple to advertise on, but very hard to get a return from.

It doesn't have to be that way, though. Most people fail because they don't understand that advertising on the social platforms is a combination of a great ad - which means eye-catching imagery (or increasingly animation or video) and reader-grabbing copywriting - AND an optimised landing page geared to conversions. Get any of the pieces wrong and it won't work.

So work with us to make sure you get campaigns that win every time.

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