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The Entrepreneur’s Essentials

Domain Registration

Your business name registered as your internet domain. Your business email accounts created. Because now you’re a dot com.


Your domain hosted on secure, resilient servers. Don’t worry about traffic limits, security or backups. We’ll get all the techie stuff arranged and automated for you.

Professional Copy Review

Your sales copy professionally proofread & edited. Maximised for conversion content.

Payment System Integration

Secure Paypal and credit card payment system.

Web Analytics & Reporting

Knowing how much, from where, and who your web visitors are, is essential data for the e-commerce entrepreneur.

Social Media Integration

Social media is the lifeblood of your advertising. You need to position yourself correctly on all the major social platforms to maximise sales.

Campaign Account Setup

If you don’t advertise, you don’t have a business. You need accounts on the paid ad networks to be ready to go.


Unlimited page creation. Everything tied together in a beautifully designed, search optimised, professional website.


On-Target Web Design

You have a great service or product you want to offer, and you want that to be the main focus of your site. In addition, you want the functionality to take payments from customers, but you don’t need a full e-store. 

This is what the focused microsite provides you with.

However, as soon as you introduce payments of any sort to a website that immediately calls for all the trust elements of an e-commerce store or corporate site. When exchanging money is involved, there’s no avoiding these requirements.


A microsite can grow with your business and expand into the full corporate site.

But right now, a microsite will suffice.

Trust Elements

Creating Customer Confidence

The trust elements required for a microsite are largely the same as for an e-commerce business; both take payments from the public, and the public won’t do business with you if they don’t have confidence in the trustworthiness of your website.

You will require pages dedicated to terms & conditions, privacy policy, refunds, and if applicable, shipping info. You’ll also require a SSL certificate for your site in order to take payments. There are a myriad of pieces that go into creating confidence within your website from potential customers.

And one of the major pieces in building that confidence is social proof, provided by way of happy customer testimonials.

Whenever you hope for the public to spend money with you, especially significant sums, you need to reassure them that they can contact you in the event of a  problem. At the most basic level, that means a contact form. More realistically, you need to provide an address and a phone number. Consider if you really want to put your own personal details out there on the net, or if you want to use a business service address and phone number?

Are you going make a free offer in order to entice web visitors to input their emails? Are you going to remarket to your subscribers and previous customers? Then you need an efficient sales/marketing funnel and the means to use it effectively.

All of these elements we will advise and assist with.

And the most important element is a professionally designed website that customers immediately feel at ease with and trust.

Entrepreneur Package

Microsite Made for Maximum Conversions


Whatever your product or service proposition, you need a custom built website to deliver customer conversions.

Your website’s sole focus has to be on the product, and how it fixes your key fan’s pain.

You need product description and language that talks to your audience, photos and/or video of your product that clearly demonstrates the benefits and features to your potential buyer, testimonials providing social proof, and a clean and efficient progression to the most desired call to action: payment.

Every other element and page of your website has to be crafted to complement and assist in this goal.

We understand how squeeze and sales sites are sculpted and the psychology of selling.

Contact us below today to start your journey as an entrepreneur.

Inc. online payment integration
Professional Copywriting
per 1000 words
Advertising Management

*Does not include advertising budget.

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