Tortoise or Hare?


Slow but Sure

This is the approach for the patient, long term player. It involves joining the commission programs of digital and physical product vendors. The marketer then writes reviews for these products applying SEO keyword methodology within the content to draw traffic, which generates income when site visitors click through to the products from the embedded affiliate links and purchase them.

This requires the patience to build internet authority for a site and search engine ranking. Not easy, but very profitable in the long run if done correctly.


And when we say “long run” we mean it: it will take several months to see the first trickle of money, and several years before it really starts flowing.

It’s like building a house, though. You add one brick at a time, and in the same way, when you step back and look, you don’t see much for your effort initially.

But a patient and methodical brick-by-brick approach will eventually build a house. The size of that house is up to you.

Tortoise Wins by a Hare title card

Make no mistake:  an affiliate site can generate the sort of income that makes leaving the day job a reality. Affiliate marketing  is no “hobby” business. Treating it as such is why so many people fail. You have to build your site one post/review at a time… and wait. Therein lies the reason why so many give up.

But if you have the temperament, we can advise and help build your affiliate site.

We offer a full affiliate outsource service. We can build the site, create your affiliate accounts, and write your content. You don’t need to do anything other than tell us which niche you wish to focus on. Even that we can advise on if you’re not sure.

Obviously prices for this service vary depending on requirements, as content writing can be purchased on a per article and word count basis, or as an ongoing site service updating your site to a schedule of your choosing.


Because You Do the Sign-Up!

We don’t advise clients create their own websites (because they look amateur), but with regard to affiliate marketing we make an exception: that’s because all you really need to begin in this business is a blog.

And given we understand the business, we feel it’d be more professional of us to make you aware of an equally viable alternative to get you underway, rather than take advantage of you like many web design agencies would.


In that regard, purely in terms of training, community and value for money, we recommend Wealthy Affiliate (WA).

We’re required to make you aware that the above is an affiliate link of our own. If you choose to join Wealthy Affiliate then you pay us nothing; however, we will receive a small affiliate commission from WA should you choose to do so.

That commission is a fraction of what we would normally charge to create an affiliate site for you, and our service would not include the training modules and ongoing community support that you would enjoy with WA.

I’d point out that we are not just affiliates, but active participants in the WA community, such is the regard we hold this resource of affiliate marketing knowledge.


There are no fees to join WA, no “credit card required for verification purposes,” it is free to join. Thereafter you will enjoy a week of free, full membership, which is more than enough time to come to a decision regarding the suitability of the platform for you.

So, should you wish to explore affiliate marketing for yourself, we believe there is no better resource than Wealthy Affiliate, and we wish to make you aware of that.

Tortoise Affiliate Marketing Package

Do as Little, or as Much, as You Want

Online marketing

As above, we do offer a full affiliate outsource service. Should you prefer, we can build your site, create your affiliate accounts, and even write your content. All you need to do is decide which niche you want to focus on.

Please note that content (article) publishing is a separate service, and charged on a per article/word count basis. If you require regular, long term content publishing, then lower rates may be negotiable.

Blog + Affiliate Account Setup
500 Word Article
1000 Word Article

Your Affiliate Marketing Essentials

All affiliate packages include the following:

Domain Registration

Your business name registered as your internet domain. Your business email accounts created. Because now you’re a dot com.


Your domain hosted on secure, resilient servers. Don’t worry about traffic limits, security or backups. We’ll get all the techie stuff arranged and automated for you.


Business blog. The essential tool for the affiliate marketer. The SEO beacon to your web traffic.


Unlimited page creation. Everything tied together in a beautifully designed, search optimised, professional website.

The Hare

AKA ‘The Gambler.’

Hare beats tortoise

This is for the affiliate marketer who favours courage over patience. Such marketers haven’t time to play the waiting game, they want something a little more immediate.

But higher gains means higher risk.

Instead of drawing traffic to your site through the free SEO long game, you’re going to drive traffic via paid advertising.

You will still need all the elements of the Tortoise, the affiliate program accounts etc., but in place of a blog page you need a web page – or more accurately a landing page – for your chosen product that will provide the conduit to the vendor’s sales page.

We say this is riskier simply because it involves spending additional money to drive traffic to your page. You pay for every click regardless if the visitor reads every word of your page’s sales copy and goes onto buy, or stays a second before closing your page and forgetting about it forever.

So you need a great landing page with potent sales copy, focused on conversions, to go hand-in-hand with a great ad network campaign to get the traffic.

We can handle both for you: creating the landing page and managing your campaign.

Again, prices for this service vary depending on requirements and the degree of management you require.

Hare Affiliate Marketing Package

We Can Manage It All for You

Online marketing 2

Any digital or physical product you select from the main affiliate program providers will be accompanied by marketing literature in the form of email templates and webpage sales copy.

These are workable, tested, and you can use them immediately… except many marketers do just that, without a word of change or edit to the format. That means your page looks just like scores, if not hundreds or thousands, of others on the web. This will result in your paid traffic immediately moving off your page if they’ve encountered exactly the same copy elsewhere.

Those that get the best results from this form of affiliate marketing invariably take the source material and refresh it with a look and style of their own. Be aware that many of these products have been available for several years and the marketing material has probably never been updated since the original launch; it’s expected that you will do that.

There are advertising rules and requirements that the ad networks (Google, Bing, Facebook etc.) enforce with regard to many types of affiliate product, and you must ensure your landing page, and advertisement, comply with these – or you’ll have a product and a website that no one will ever see as your advertisement will never be approved. Facebook in particular as a passive advertiser, has many exclusions to the type of product or service you can advertise on their network.

There are many elements to this form of affiliate marketing, and we can advise and manage all aspects for you.

Landing Page + Trust Elements
£200 per additional product
Full Rewrite of Vendor Sales Copy
Advertising Management

*Does not include advertising budget.

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