Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a website cost?

The sixty-four thousand dollar question… all we can definitely say is that it won’t cost sixty-four thousand dollars! Or pounds sterling for that matter.

But seriously, this is the same question I’d ask and want to know before deciding if it’s worth my while even enquiring. That’s why we created our business packages. One fixed price, and you get everything you need.

Of course, if you need something outside of what our packages offer then we’re happy to discuss. In that case, the question of how much will it cost is akin to “how long’s a piece of string?” Without being evasive, the answer really is “it depends.” Depends on what it is you require.

But I know you’re thinking, “I just want a simple site that looks nice and just lets people know I’m here. I don’t need videos, fancy graphics and animation!” But you still may need copywriting and SEO keyword research to help you get found ahead of your rivals…

All of those questions we’d need to ask before providing a price.

The best thing to do, is to find out what it will cost, and that costs nothing. Contact us for your free, no obligation consultation and we’ll be happy to provide you with a price for whatever it is you require, for you and your website vision for your business.

How long will it take to get me online?

How long it takes to get your website designed and live on the web, as per cost, depends on how much work it needs to complete a design that meets your requirements.

Simply, the more you need, the longer it takes. However, when we define your requirements we will commit to a completion date, and we’ll stick to it. It’s like asking a builder how long it will take to construct you a home: you could want a studio apartment or twenty bedroom mansion. Once we know what you want, we can tell you. What we don’t want to do is make a promise we can’t keep.

What’s the payment process?

Once we’ve agreed on your design and a price, we require a deposit of 25% to begin your project. Upon delivery of your website we require the outstanding amount to be settled within seven days. Once we receive final payment you will receive all access codes and details necessary to taking ownership of your site, and the site will be launched on the Web.

What sort of businesses do you work with?

We work with everyone who requires a website. We don’t specialise in any one particular industry, we specialise in websites. Whatever your industry or business, whatever your size or ambition, we can create a website for you.

You’re based in the UK, I’m in the US. Can you still create my website?

Yes. We don’t need to travel to every client, we can video conference, and that’s true for clients in the UK as well. Of course it’s preferable to meet face to face, but time, distance and cost sometimes forbids. In this day and age, it’s no longer an obstacle, as modern technology gives us the ability to communicate more effectively than ever. Wherever in the world you are, if you’d like us to design your website, we’d be glad to work with you.

I’m not a writer, can you help write my content for me?

Of course. Writing is as much a skill as website design, and we’re happy to provide assistance in all areas of the website creation process. Your site has to not only look good, it has to read well too. More than that, it needs to sell your business – that’s the point. So we provide copy/content writing services if you need it.

What about photographs?

We can source commercially available images. Some you can use for free provided you cite a credit on your site, others you need to pay a small sum for. If you need professional photographs taken of your business premises or goods, we can organise a professional photographer to do this for you.

We can also have logos, animations and additional graphic designs created for you to ensure you have the premium website you envision. We will manage the whole project for you.

Please note though, that if ordering one of our business packages that third party professional photographic services will incur additional cost.

Will I own my website?

Absolutely. You paid for it, so it’s yours. We provide you with everything you need to take ownership. You don’t have to worry about extracting your design from us if you want to update it or to move to your own preferred hosting. You bought something, so we hand it to you. We don’t understand why other web design companies insist on keeping it… well, we do, but we’d prefer to have your business because you want to work with us, not because you have to.

Will I be updated on my website’s progress?

Yes, you’ll receive regular updates. We need to, to make sure we’re going in the right direction and you’re happy with everything. We wont just agree on your design, disappear for a few weeks, and then pop back up with what we think is what you want.

Do you host the websites you build?

No. We use third party services to make sure that once you’re online, you stay online.

Serious web hosting companies adhere to stringent contingency, security and environmental standards: they don’t have a server tucked under the desk above the coffee maker, the backup tapes held in a shoe box on the shelf above. Instead they’ve got security controlled entry, fire and temperature control, offsite backup, triple power and server redundancy, and utilise the latest, fastest, cutting edge technology in server design. And have 24/7 support. That’s why we use serious third party hosting and don’t try to provide it ourselves.

Can you update my existing website?

If you own it, and have the necessary access that allows it, we can take a look at it. The problem is that a lot of websites created by other companies have copyright and licensing issues that disallow third party developers modifying their work.

To be honest, in the vast majority of cases where this is requested, a new website is more in order than an update.

You don’t use templates but I’ve seen a website I’d really like mine to look like. Will you do that?

Yes, if you have an existing design in mind, we’re happy to design you something in a similar vein. We can’t replicate it exactly due to copyright, but we can use the site as an example of the style and format you like, and make you something even better.

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